In Virgin Territory

ImageInitially there were hiccups and the fault was on both sides. I was the virgin as it was my first time. It wasn’t his first time but I was new to him. And though he was patient with me and wanted to guide me through, I was eager and in my usual fashion, just wanted the instructions one time and I would take control.It was my first time exporting goods en masse from one continent to another and not being on either continent at the time but my Account Rep was there to show me the ropes and my cousin on ground to ensure things went smoothly. Well as smoothly as was possible. And though the goods went through 4 very different countries with very different laws and customs and I was about ready to break open the bottle of champagne for a successful first ever, alas, customs somewhere had to make its mark. It was the last customs point and there was a big discrepancy between the declared value and the invoice value. So really it was luck or grace or both that had got us through the first 4.


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