The Return of the Boutique


In an age when we want to stand out, to express ourselves and let our individuality shine, why do we only go for the same clothes and accessories? Why do we say it’s ok for most of us to wear the same things which is whatever the fad or fashion of the day is? Then how different are we when it comes to our own individual sense of style?

I can understand having a singular choice between a white or a black iPhone or between an Android and an iPhone, but should my choices be so limited when it comes to my clothes and accessories? Especially accessories because each accessory tells a story and you can have many accessories telling different stories that make up this great big beautiful collage of ideas and experiences and emotions that is you.

When it comes to accessories, I vote for the boutique because it helps us find and define who we are and who we want to be and who we want to present to the world, today.


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