A Walk in the Park







In building a new business, I am beset by doubts, self and otherwise. I have normal doubts like is it good enough, is it really as beautiful as I think it is, will it sell, will people buy it, will they like it, and finally, what is the right price. Then I have self doubts. Like can I pull it off, are my ideas any good, if people haven’t done it before maybe it’s because it wouldn’t work, what makes me think I can do it, am I prepared for the hard work, people will laugh at me, maybe they are already laughing, and finally, do I have enough money to stick with it till it takes off. I tell you, these doubts are a bummer.

But then when I feel and remember the joy I get from creating, from thinking of how to resolve an issue, get over a hurdle, from looking for new ideas, to trying to figure it out, it makes it all worth it to me, and it pushes me to keep striving, to go for gold. And when I imagine how I would feel when it is successful, I feel buoyant. I am blown away by how beautiful the bags look in reality, the pictures really don’t do them justice.

It’s been over a year and I am glad I embarked on this journey and took the paths I have taken. I am glad for the lessons learned and for who I have become and I am becoming. I believe that by God’s Grace, my questions will be answered, and I will keep having good ideas on how to make it work, how to make it better, and how to reach my customers successfully. Eventually, I will come up with a price and may it be the right price and I pray that my tiny idea is indeed very successful and it ultimately makes many people happy when they own an Adunni Designs creation.


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