The Adunni Designs Handbag

The Adunni Designs handbag is crafted from silk and cotton fibers, handwoven by the Yoruba artisans of Nigeria, West Africa, and called Aso Oke or Aso Ofi. As far back as 8th century AD, families have been weaving this material for Kings and Queens, for weddings and for their esteemed guests, and it has endured. 

As empires rose and fell, wars came and went, people and cities were decimated and others rose from the ashes, and colonization flowed and then ebbed, the material has stood as a testament to the culture, the history, and the strength of its people. And today, with influences from far and wide, east and west, home being best, so many colors, so many patterns, so many designs, so many stories, and new ones come out every day.

The Adunni Designs handbag is a work of art from start to finish. Crafted in every detail is the embodiment of superior class, elegance, and style. Its wearer becomes the most beautiful woman on the planet. After all, what is beauty if not expressed? What is style if not shown? What is class if not displayed? The Adunni Designs handbag is stylish, it is classy, and it is beautiful. Like the woman it adorns.


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