Hot Stuff

Disco Queen Donna Summer died yesterday from lung cancer. This is very sad news indeed for someone we all knew and loved to die so young and with so much life, love and living yet to have and to give. It is tragic that she died that way. But instead of grieving for Ms. Summer, we should celebrate her, her life and her legacy. As her family said in a statement released upon her death, “While we grieve her passing, we are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy.” Now that’s the way to go.

This is a woman who kicked off the Disco era and reigned. She was so good her songs became anthems for women and the gay community especially at a time when both groups were coming out and demanding their right to be. She may have started as a sensation but she became a career artist and was finishing up an album when she died. It is said that Ms. Summer exuded great optimism, was exceedingly polite, and was someone who felt love and made other people feel it.

Thank you Ms. Summer for all your music and your hits which include: Bad Girls, Enough is Enough, Hot Sfuff, Last Dance, Love to Love You Baby, On the Radio, She Works Hard for Her Money, and many more. Thank you LaDonna. Rest In Peace. Like the Adunni Designs Bags, Ms. Summer’s legacy is Hot Stuff.


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