Loving You

Last week, I was reminded of Minnie Riperton from a post on Facebook. I knew who she was but I didn’t know much about her and was curious so I went wikiing.

Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live and the recent Bridesmaids movie is her daughter. Rudolph was 7 when her mom died from breast cancer at 31. Such tragedy to befall one so young, gifted and beautiful. Both for Minnie and for Maya.

But Minnie left a double legacy when most of us even though we live a lifetime do not leave one. Minnie left her music and the memories of her incredible voice. And she also gave us this rising star that is her daughter. Apparently, the melody for Loving You was written to distract Maya so Minnie and her husband Richard could spend time together. Maya is also blessed with 3 lovely daughters of her own so the legacy continues.

Thank you Minnie Riperton and I pray to one day sing to my daughter,

Loving you
Is easy cos you’re beautiful

La la la la la
La la la la la

And now, loving the Adunni Designs bags is easy cos they are beautiful.


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