“On Their Way”

The best three words a business owner wants to hear about their products. And these are the words I read this morning when I woke up and checked my email from one of my business service partners. Your bags are on their way.

What this means is in as little as one week, with the product photos all loaded up on the website, the bags will be immediately ready for sale, shipping and delivery. What this means is that our online store will be fully open for business. Yay!!!

One of the critical success factors for business success is to have great, value-adding, i-care-about-your-business service providers and partners. If they care about my business like they do theirs, I am sure I will succeed. Even if I don’t, it won’t be because of them and it won’t be for lack of trying. And I will have made great new friends, formed wonderful relationships and had life-changing experiences. So I guess my business is already successful, wouldn’t you agree?

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