Best Foot

First impressions last forever. Put your best foot forward. Do your best the first time because you may not get another chance. All good advice, I’m sure, but not necessarily the best. For in business, the most critical factor for a new business is to get your product out there, as soon as possible, at the right price, with room for growth.

With a new product in a new market, trying to develop the perfect product may mean never getting your product out there. Sometimes, good enough is best. For good enough will help you develop and test your value chain, from concept to product to delivery, it will help you test your market, from cost to marketing to price, and it will help you decide if you want to do this and if you can.

Then when you decide yes after you really know what you are talking about, after you’ve been through the fire, the bills,the real cost, the delays, the disappointments, after you’ve learnt the patience of Job, after you’ve learnt quite emphatically that all of life is relationship building, personal and in business, and that you’d better get good at it if you are not, after you’ve learnt or you have started to learn how to open yourself up and say who you really are and what you really want, after you’ve gone through all of this and you still want to do it, then put your best foot forward. Go for it. Go do it. Go get it. And let the real fun begin.


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