About Adunni Designs

Adunni Designs’ is perfectly suited for the fashionable, modern woman of all ages. Our target market is the young woman, defined as every woman 18 and above. This woman is beautiful, fashionable, sexy and stylish. She feels good about herself, is confident and radiates warmth and therein lies her beauty. She is happy and wants and when she can, makes, everyone around her happy. She expresses herself with her own unique sense of style through her clothes, her mannerisms, and her personality. Her style runs from the playful to the piquant, from the I’m my own woman to the I’m everywoman, from the come hither to the oh but not so close. Does she tease, does she play, does she have fun? Yes, yes, and yes. But she likes, and she loves, she embraces, and she shares. She may not always know where she is going but she knows who she is so she’ll ultimately get to where she should, and she’ll have fun doing it. That woman is me. That woman is you. That woman is Adunni Designs.

Adunni Designs is owned by Oye. Growing up in Nigeria, Oye was always struck by the rich, cultural beauty she saw in the traditional clothing called aso oke that she, her mother, her aunts, her grandmother, her great-grand mother, her sisters, her cousins and her friends would wear for various occasions including weddings, ceremonies and coronations. She felt such beauty was timeless and would have world appeal. And as she watched expatriates, diplomats and foreign businessmen and women collect the traditional cloth as treasures, she felt she was right. Adunni Designs is that dream turned into reality as it translates Yoruba cultural history into modern beauty and style.

Each Adunni Designs piece is a limited edition with only a few existing in the entire world. There is such a cornucopia of beautiful designs of Aso Oke with new ones coming out every day that we only make limited batches once so each Adunni Designs creation is unique and a collector’s item. These accessories are perfect for an evening out with friends, a significant other, or on a blind date. They are great conversation pieces and make perfect gifts. So get yours while they last!


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