For Our First Collection …

In designing the first Adunni Designs collection, we decided to go for a simple timeless elegant piece, something that would speak volumes yet only whisper. And what better design than the elegant modern day clutch? The clutch is a a necessary accessory that every woman must have. Like the little black dress. And we all know we have several variations of our must have pieces. Just in case.

We chose a simple yet timeless design so that our customers and her admirers could and would focus on the richness of the material the bag is made from. Yoruba Aso Oke (a-sho-o-kay), which means expensive cloth, was only made for royalty traditionally. Aso Oke is made from silk and cotton fibers handwoven into various color mixes and patterns. It is very rich, very beautiful material that gives the bag that exotic look while giving its wearer that timeless look of modern chique and style. Truly, the pictures, as beautiful as they are, do not do the bags justice. You have got to touch, and feel, them for yourself.

Once we succeed in introducing Aso Oke to the modern world as an accessory that can be worn and appreciated by the modern woman of any age, culture and society, we will go forth and explore new and unique designs to our, and your, heart’s content. But this timeless elegant clutch will always be one of our favorites.


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