Family & Friends

Family & friends are potential customers too. We must have a good product if we can sell it to family & friends. Family & friends should support and encourage you, but like other satisfied customers, they will spread the word and let people know where they bought your bags from. And family & friends can give good reviews if happy with their purchases.

Banks & Investors want to see that you have invested in yourself first because it means that you believe in you and you believe in what you are doing which are critical factors to sustain your drive toward success. Having family & friends believe in you enough to buy from you and possibly invest in you also says they believe in what you are doing. After all, who knows you better than your family & friends?

And when asked, we can proudly say yes, we’ve had sales including family and friends. And to provide more insight into our target market, who they are and why they buy, we look at the demographic our family & friends belong to and listen to feedback to understand why they bought and get ideas for our accessory lines and our business.

Bag shown: new clutch bag in fuchsia and light purple patterned aso oke


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