Nigeria is Beautiful! Part 2

And maybe unbeknownst to them, by doing what they do, our artisans are preserving our culture and national heritage. They are our cultural guardians. But they have families to take care of, spouses to support and children to raise. They need to earn a living doing what they do. These are the Nigerians I met and hung out with on my recent trip there.

And this is why the goal of Adunni Designs is to create a world wide market and demand for the myriad of products that can be made from the diverse fabrics. From handbags, to purses, to wallets, to shoes, to iPad cases, and so on. Traditionally, these fabrics have been made into clothing for men, women and children. But now, Adunni Designs says it is time to diversify, expand and give free reign to our imaginations for the many applications possible.

Some of these ideas may not be new. But what is different about Adunni Designs is the unique styles and applications we will apply to each cloth. As our motto implies, if it looks and feels good, you should have it and we will make it.


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