The London 2012 Olympics & Adunni Designs

London is hosting the 2012 Olympics. Beijing hosted it in 2008 and Brazil will host it in 2016. The first time London held the Olympics was in 1908 when about 2000 athletes, mostly men, competed for 110 gold medals. This year, 10, 500 athletes, almost half of them women, will compete for 302 gold medals (2, 300 medals in total). The world has certainly grown, there are more people, more prizes, and the competition is fiercer than ever. But the quality of the prize has evolved. A century ago, the gold medals were 100% gold but no gold medals were handed out in 1908. Winners received silver medals instead and 1912 was the last year the Olympic gold medals were 100% gold. Today, 1.34%. These days, the gold is in your heart, the pride of achievement, knowing you are the best in the world at what you do.

This year, Yi Siling of China won the first gold medal for 10-Meter Air Rifle. Incidentally, she was the first athlete to qualify for the London Olympics. Ryan Lochte, an American, won the gold medal for swimming, beating Brazil,  Japan, and fellow American and event world-record holder, Michael Phelps. But France took the gold in the 400 meter swimming relay. The US who won in 2008 took silver giving Michael Phelps his 17th medal, one behind record holder for most decorated Olympic athlete, Russian gymnast Larysa Latynina. The last time Ms. Latynina competed was in the 1964 Summer Olympics. South Korea won women’s artery and Germany won women’s field hockey. The long- and middle-distance runners to watch are the Kenyans. The country won 14 medals in the Beijing Olympics. US Marjorie Gestring holds the record for youngest Olympic winner in history won for diving in 1936 and Sweden’s Oscar Swahn is the oldest Olympic winner for shooting in 1912. Greece, Australia, Great Britain and Switzerland have competed in every Summer Olympics since 1896, the first modern Olympics, the US has never won in badminton, table tennis and handball, and for the first time ever, Saudi Arabia is allowing women to compete in the Olympics.

So what does Adunni Designs have in common with the Olympics? Countries par excellence. Often in the media when I read, hear or watch a story about Africa, it is usually about people living on less than a dollar a day, about poverty, crime, and corruption. I confess that I don’t pay attention to such stories. For these are conditions and not what the people excel at. Very little is heard about the entreprenuership, thriving businesses and expanding industries. Very little is written about the creativity, ingenuity, skills, persistence, tenacity and productivity of the people. Based on the history of the world and its people we know for a fact that not all creativity, development and advancement came from the West.

It is time to agree and accept that we may not be as good at everything as we think we are, and that some people, and by people I mean countries, nations, societies, people, are better at some things, and other people are better at others, than we are. We should also understand that while we may be good today, the best even, we may not be tomorrow. And this is not a bad thing. For if you are not good at one thing, you may be better at another. Adunni Designs recognizes this. The Adunni Designs Business Model is such that we source raw material from Africa, manufacture in China, and our end market though worldwide has its base in North America. Our raw material are the indigenous, hand-made, hand-woven, and hand-dyed, fabrics of the Nigerian people of Africa. A skill they have had and honed over centuries. By buying an Adunni Designs you will be supporting the artisans of Africa. Just as you would support any artisan of the world if you bought an item made by them or which they contributed to. And it will not be charity. It is modern enterprise.

new clutch bag in hot red and black line patterned aso oke


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