The day she made history, Natalie Hawkins told her daughter, Gabrielle Douglas, quoting Scripture, that no one runs a race unless to win. She told her daughter, Compete to Win. And she did. And she won. The secret to her success she attributes to her family, scripture, focus and confidence. And Ms. Douglas is only 16.

Whatever we do we should do it well and do it to win. That means that before you begin to do anything, you must prepare. Prepare to do it, prepare to do it well, and prepare to win. This means that you should gird yourself with the knowledge, the skills, the means, the confidence, and the focus you need to win. It’s not about having good ideas. Anyone can have good ideas. And a lot of people do. It’s about being able to follow through to completion and fruition. If you don’t want to win, why run? Why run when you can walk and enjoy the view?

Adunni Designs is in it to win it. And we are doing everything we can. We are learning, talking, blogging, tweeting, networking, meeting people, building relationships, helping others, doing things we have to do so that we can prepare ourselves to win. So we too, like Ms. Gabrielle Douglas, History-Making U.S. Gymnast Olympic All-Around Champion, will like to be counted among that esteemed group of elites called Champions.


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