And we’re back!

Hi all, we took a break as we relocated from the US back to Nigeria and have had to settle back into life back home. It’s been interesting to say the least but now we are back.

There are so many things going on back here but what I love most is the way the fashion industry is evolving. The local fabrics are simply amazing. They are not so local as they are imported Dutch wax prints and interestingly, though we’ve been importing them for like forever, they’ve always been sewn into the traditional outfits of long skirts, blouses and scarves or wrappers, blouses and scarves. But now, they are being sewn into contemporary styles. Even the traditional outfits are being modernized into shorter skirts and wrappers, shorter sleeves for the blouses and no scarves. The different fabrics are used for clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and so on. And it’s not just for women. Even the men are enjoying the wave.

Check out this dress in a lovely red flowery print.




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